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About Deviant Jeans

The mission of the Deviant Jeans brand is to empower women battling cancer through fashion and attire customized with personal expressions of strength, while generating funds and attention for their preferred charities.


Deviant Jeans began in a hospital room at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute when a genetic counselor broke the news that Kristin Kantner’s mother, Doris, tested positive for a gene no one else had. After a moment of silence, all her family in the room began laughing at the notion that within their perfect mother was a little deviance — a “deviant gene”.

Kristin’s mom, a positive, independent, and fashion conscious woman, recognized during her cancer treatments that she had to compromise her style in order to be comfortable and compliant to doctor’s orders. As side effects of her treatments persisted, she found buttons, zippers and the basics of adorning regular clothing a challenge. Kristin watched her mother struggle to match practicality, comfort and fashion and decided to take action…

Kristin collaborated with her entrepreneurial neighbor and friend, Jane Hoffer, and by a twist of fate, the two met Kristin Dudley, a Philadelphia based fashion designer focused specifically on designing for women’s wellness. After a year of planning, designing, and caring, Deviant Jeans™ apparel is now “MADE WITH LOVE IN PHILADELPHIA”, and available to women nationwide.