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Profile Photo: Robin Miller

Robin Miller


Robin's obsession with art emerged at a very young age. By high school, she was already immersed in photography and had even set up a dark room in her parents' basement. Around the same time, she started to show an interest in marketing campaigns, especially magazine advertisements.

Robin's love and appreciation for art grew even more at Drexel University where she studied graphic design as well as many other art forms. She worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art during her junior year and was able to work on many of their special exhibits. As she was about to start her final semester at college, Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer. The many months of harsh treatments and surgeries only strengthened her. Her first freelance job, a logo for a family member, sent her skipping around the house with excitement. And with that one logo, an entrepreneurial spirit emerged.

Robin has lymphedema in her right arm as a result of her breast cancer treatments. She founded the company, LympheDIVAs is 2006 alongside Deviant Jeans designer, Kristin Dudley. Robin was recently hired by the National Lymphedema Network, based in San Francisco, to be a Patient Advocate and direct the Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund - affording women with lymphedema their compression garments.

Robin is supporting The Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund. With every purchase of Robin's Mantra, $1 will be donated.

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