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DJ Stylist - Dress for Confidence

Posted by Kristin Dudley Friday, June 18, 2010

At Deviant Jeans, we believe in the notion that if you look good, you will feel better. You will always look your best when you exude confidence, however, when going through medical treatments you feel more like a pincushion than a person. The American Cancer Society created the "Look Good, Feel Better" program to enhance self-esteem, and promote confidence to women while undergoing cancer treatments. The program is focused on make-up applications skills, skin care, wig styling and maintenance. Deviant Jeans asks, what about clothing?

Body shape and lifestyle consistently change post diagnosis. Clothing one may have owned and worn for years suddenly does not fit, and many women find themselves living in GAP sweat suits or their husband's button down shirts. Wanting to feel comfortable and comforted is important, but living in those sweats is depressing. It is a constant reminder that you are not well, and you are not yourself.

To add to the Look Good Feel Better program, let Deviant Jeans offer you helpful tips and links to apparel that will help you cater to your changing body. We not only look to develop fashion you request, but we will act as your stylist within our blog and Twitter.

DJ Stylist Tip of the Week:
Prepare yourself for the day with light layers. Mix up warm tones to bring color into your complexion, and accentuate your eyes. Warm tones are: Yellows, Oranges and Reds (the DJ Raspberry Wrap is a great warm example!). It's almost officially summer - you can pull this off! Accessorize with an airy and colorful scarf. You can remove layers when attending treatments, and upon leaving, wrap that scarf around your neck and feel confident walking out the door.

Fashioning Your Best Fit

Posted by Kristin Dudley Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living Beyond Breast Cancer schedules various networking events to offer educational presentations and discussions to women living with, and beyond, breast cancer. ?Fashioning Your Best Fit? was a presentation given this week by certified mastectomy fitters, Hope Bear and Farrel Friedenberg. Hope and Farrel own the Southampton, PA based lingerie boutique ?Jay Ann Intimates,? which has been a family business for 60 years. Their presentation covered the various options for breast prostheses and bras post surgery, and how you may achieve a more positive body image after breast surgery.

We attended this event and were amazed with all of the new developments in post-op intimate wear in recent years. We learned too that you could take your favorite bra style or camisole and easily convert it into a bra to carry your prosthetic by visiting a boutique like Jay Anns? and requesting a pocket to be sewn inside. We found that American Breast Care now creates massaging prosthesis, which encourage lymph flow, and a wonderful new assortment of bras.

Deviant Jeans shares the same passion for helping women look good and feel better throughout the medical treatments. Kristin spoke briefly at the Fashioning Your Best Fit program about the Deviant Jeans initiative, and received a wonderful response from the group. They recognized how comfortable EMPOWERWRAPS would be during treatments and beyond, and sincerely appreciated the hidden message inside. Because of this, we have been considering ways we can offer EMPOWERWRAPS to deserving women at no cost to them. We have begun the ?Empower Another? program, which gives philanthropic individuals the opportunity to ?Empower Another? by purchasing an EMPOWERWRAP to be donated and distributed through the Young Survival Coalition & Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Interested in "Empowering Another"? Email fore more details.

Assembling Hope, Searching for A Miracle...

Posted by Kristin Dudley Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll never forget the day my dear friend, and business partner, Rachel, was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. At the time we were thriving as young entrepreneurs creating colorful compression armsleeves for the management of lymphedema, a condition Rachel suffered from following her breast cancer treatments. Rachel was a newly wed; I was a recent college grad.

I was in our office when she called with the news. All I heard was, "they found breast cancer again". My heart sank. After hanging up the phone, I began gathering up my positive energy, and I felt optimistic. She could beat this, I just knew it. I thought of the many women we had met at breast cancer conferences who had battled breast cancer multiple times, and thrived. I immediately decided that my optimistic attitude would support the healing process, and we would be able to get through this.

Soon after the call, she and her husband arrived at our office. Rachel told me her breast cancer was metastasized, spread to her lungs, liver, bones and soft tissue. This is when my "We can do this!" attitude was flipped upside down. "It's everywhere," she said. I sat in disbelief and horror.

That night, I lied awake thinking of her and her husband, imagining that they too were lying awake at 3am. I pondered what I could do, truly feeling helpless! What can you do? I'm not a doctor, but, I am an artist. I headed to South Street in Philadelphia the next day to seek inspiration, and particularly, to find healing stones I may be able to work with.

I wandered into the Eye's Gallery, a 3-story building filled with imported Mexican art and crafts. The owner watched me peruse, and she sensed my sadness. She asked if she could help, and I told her I was seeking something that "healed". She pulled a box out from behind the counter filled to the brim with tiny little charms. "These are Milagros," she told me. "Milagros is Spanish for 'Miracles'." Milagros are blessed charms that are made in a multitude of shapes. There were body parts - I found lungs, a liver and a breast... And there were other symbols as well; religious characters, suns, female figures and faces. I constructed a necklace from a mixture of the Milagros and some beautiful stones I found... I presented it to Rachel. The necklace gave us hope.

Art in all of its forms inspires, therefore uplifting the spirit. It is the essence of spirituality without necessarily being tied to religion.

Have you ever experienced having a loved one diagnosed and you were lost for what you could do? Have you given a unique gift or produced art that gave you and your loved ones hope?

Sun Salutations for the Cause

Posted by Kristin Dudley Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Written by Kylie Francis, new Deviant Jeans Teammate!

When I arrived at Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an annual fundraiser, I was in awe. The beauty of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on an early Sunday morning, and the mass of people gathering to begin what is the largest yoga class in the country, is a truly remarkable experience. Deviant Jeans supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer through their charitable program, and was a participating healthy vendor, selling apparel within the sponsor tent, and dedicating 10% to LBBC.

LBBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering all women affected by breast cancer to live long, healthy, and full lives. Yoga Unites is a non-profit organization in itself, founded by yoga instructor Jennifer Schelter, which unites communities through the power of yoga. Jennifer is an amazing instructor, and has made a major impact in the world with her practice. Yoga Unites raised $179,537 for LBBC on Sunday. An incredible victory! For more information on Yoga Unites, visit and for more information about LBBC, visit

EMPOWERWRAPS and Deviant Heart Camis are a natural fit for those who practice yoga. Aside from the empowering message or mantra printed on the inside, EMPOWERWRAPS are made of French Terry Cotton Spandex, which embrace your body's natural curves through every stretch and pose. We found the Deviant Heart Camisole is now a favorite amongst DJs' new yogi friends!

Deviant Jeans is looking to play a vital role in empowering women through their battle with cancer and beyond, and stands in support of LBBC. The next event for Deviant Jeans is Super Adoption Day that will be held at the Piazza @ Schmidts in Philadelphia this Saturday, May 22, 2010. It should be an amazing day and another fantastic turnout! Hope to see you there!

A Powerful Testimonial

Posted by Kristin Dudley Thursday, May 13, 2010

Made with love...that's how it feels when you finally put on the EMPOWERWRAP you've been hearing so much about. A sturdy yet soft garment that gently engulfs you, trying on the EMPOWERWRAP truly is an experience. In photos, there seems to be an unintentional illusion that the fabric is very light due to the way that it drapes itself over the female figure. From the first touch, however, my illusions were shattered with the pleasant surprise that this is something made to keep you cozy and warm! Once the EMPOWERWRAP is on, you also understand that it's not just about the warmth it gives to your body, but also the warmth it provides your heart. I loved the concept when I first heard about it, but actually tying the "inner hug" snugly around my body caused me to think about reality of healing being in the power of touch, the power of comfort, and the power of care. A designer by trade, I look for details. Sloppy details speak toward inconsiderate design and disappointing quality. Every detail, from the stitching to the double hemming on the sleeve to the colors (the Raspberry wrap look amazing on ANY woman.... seriously), has been chosen with the care of woman who understand the physical, emotional, and mental suffering one can go through during the roughest storms of life. And it may not seem to matter on the surface, but to have DeviJeans take the time to make the EMPOWERWRAPS this special makes me believe that this group of women knows i'm worth the time and the effort, no matter where I am in life. I watched my co-worker try a wrap on and we were in awe of how amazing it looked on her. And women, you know that when we look good, we feel good! So after trying a few on myself(and thank you Kristin for telling me I could wear the extra shawl fabric over my head, though that's not the purpose of it!), I can vouch that these are absolutely for the cancer soldiers and survivors who need special garment consideration as they continue their lives after cancer. Beyond that, because of how I felt emotionally, I can also affirm that this is for the woman who is recovering from a deep emotional loss. And that girl battling depression. And the soon-to-be mother who is hoping against hope that the doctor's are wrong. And all other that you and I both know need something that truly is made with love...

Nya S. Jacobs
We are more than just created equal.
We are all created well.

DJ Size Chart!

Posted by Kristin Dudley Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you for visiting! Our size chart will be uploaded in more detail next week. More details below:

  S M L XL
Bust 33½″ 35½″ 37½″ 40½″
Waist 25″ 27″ 29″ 32″
Hip 35″ 37″ 39″ 42″

Thanks again for visiting! Please contact us anytime with your questions and feedback! - In the Works!

Posted by Kristin Dudley Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you for visiting As you may or may not have noticed, our site is still under development. Our "behind the screens" team is working hard on bringing you a site you can feel secure purchasing from.

There is a lot you can expect from the upcoming, including a fully capable customization center for creating your ideal EMPOWERWRAP. New pages include our "Featured Artist Gallery" where you can learn more about our participating artists, their artwork, and the charities they represent. A portion of every purchase benefits one of our charitable partners. You will have the unique opportunity to select your preferred charity during checkout.

I know what you're thinking: "how can I become a part of this fabulous endeavor?" To our patients and survivors: we need your feedback, requests, and participation on our Facebook discussion board. We believe that our very special customers are the visionaries; Deviant Jeans is our gift to them. Discussion topics surround the development of continued fashions to enhance the lifestyle and comfort of those going through medical treatments. Make YOUR voice heard!

For anyone who may be an artist, you have the opportunity to be a part of our "Featured Artist Gallery". With every purchase an EMPOWERWRAP customized with your artwork, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the charity you represent. Contact for more information.

Supporters and Medical Professionals, help us spread the word! Become a fan on Facebook and share our link in your status update newsfeeds. Tell your friends and family about this new and exciting brand. Host a private trunk show at your home in or around the Philadelphia area. You and your guests will meet the Deviant Jeans founders and receive private consultation on customizing your EMPOWERWRAPS.

For all inquires and to complete your orders, please submit a contact form or email [email][/email], until our site is complete at the end of May. Once our development "wraps up", we'll be fully suited to empower you and yours!

Welcome to

Posted by Kristin Dudley Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to We are the first fashion brand catering to the needs of women facing physical and emotional challenges. Behind the "screen" is a team focused on making a difference through the art of fashion. So, what makes us different? Read on to learn more...

Well, there are a number of ways. We are inspired by, and answering the requests of, those undergoing medical treatments that find their current wardrobe distracting, uncomfortable and unflattering as their bodies change. Women undergoing treatments are the visionaries - knowing what needs to be altered to be more comfortable. The challenge DeviantJeans has is to accomplish this while maintaining style.

To introduce our brand and initiate our mission, we are offering 3 designs, which could be worn by any woman. There are features however, that are congruent with the requests we have received: enlarged armholes, easy roll up sleeves, and no hardware closures. The EMPOWERWRAP is a very powerful, special garment. (I have to admit, since we have received them here at the DJ World Headquarters, I have been living in mine!!) Super cozy, easy to wear, long sleeved wraps with a very unique loose lay lining that can tie whenever you need a little hug. The EMPOWERWRAP is available in two styles: hoodie and shawl collar style. The best part however, is what is inside. Within every EMPOWERWRAP is a customized message created by YOU. It can be a photograph, art, or your own personal message of strength or mantra. Whether you need to heal your body, strengthen your mind,or uplift your spirit, your art is your own. Only YOU know it is there. Feeling the power yet???

Our third design is The Deviant Heart Camisole. Ultra soft, premium stretch French terry fabric, with a built in shelf bra and contoured neckline. The shapes of our straps relieve women of the indentations spaghetti and bra straps make. The unique contouring is catered to women undergoing breast cancer treatment who may have a port implanted in the upper chest for administering chemotherapy, allowing easy access to that area.

Welcome once again. Please join us as we embark on our journey of "healing through the seams". There is a lot of excitement ahead. We look forward to making YOU a part of it. Please become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We're "stitched together in support"...

PS - did we mention our charitable donations on every checkout? I'll save it for the next blog : )

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