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A Powerful Testimonial

Posted by Kristin Dudley Thursday, May 13, 2010

Made with love...that's how it feels when you finally put on the EMPOWERWRAP you've been hearing so much about. A sturdy yet soft garment that gently engulfs you, trying on the EMPOWERWRAP truly is an experience. In photos, there seems to be an unintentional illusion that the fabric is very light due to the way that it drapes itself over the female figure. From the first touch, however, my illusions were shattered with the pleasant surprise that this is something made to keep you cozy and warm! Once the EMPOWERWRAP is on, you also understand that it's not just about the warmth it gives to your body, but also the warmth it provides your heart. I loved the concept when I first heard about it, but actually tying the "inner hug" snugly around my body caused me to think about reality of healing being in the power of touch, the power of comfort, and the power of care. A designer by trade, I look for details. Sloppy details speak toward inconsiderate design and disappointing quality. Every detail, from the stitching to the double hemming on the sleeve to the colors (the Raspberry wrap look amazing on ANY woman.... seriously), has been chosen with the care of woman who understand the physical, emotional, and mental suffering one can go through during the roughest storms of life. And it may not seem to matter on the surface, but to have DeviJeans take the time to make the EMPOWERWRAPS this special makes me believe that this group of women knows i'm worth the time and the effort, no matter where I am in life. I watched my co-worker try a wrap on and we were in awe of how amazing it looked on her. And women, you know that when we look good, we feel good! So after trying a few on myself(and thank you Kristin for telling me I could wear the extra shawl fabric over my head, though that's not the purpose of it!), I can vouch that these are absolutely for the cancer soldiers and survivors who need special garment consideration as they continue their lives after cancer. Beyond that, because of how I felt emotionally, I can also affirm that this is for the woman who is recovering from a deep emotional loss. And that girl battling depression. And the soon-to-be mother who is hoping against hope that the doctor's are wrong. And all other that you and I both know need something that truly is made with love...

Nya S. Jacobs
We are more than just created equal.
We are all created well.

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