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Fashioning Your Best Fit

Posted by Kristin Dudley Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living Beyond Breast Cancer schedules various networking events to offer educational presentations and discussions to women living with, and beyond, breast cancer. ?Fashioning Your Best Fit? was a presentation given this week by certified mastectomy fitters, Hope Bear and Farrel Friedenberg. Hope and Farrel own the Southampton, PA based lingerie boutique ?Jay Ann Intimates,? which has been a family business for 60 years. Their presentation covered the various options for breast prostheses and bras post surgery, and how you may achieve a more positive body image after breast surgery.

We attended this event and were amazed with all of the new developments in post-op intimate wear in recent years. We learned too that you could take your favorite bra style or camisole and easily convert it into a bra to carry your prosthetic by visiting a boutique like Jay Anns? and requesting a pocket to be sewn inside. We found that American Breast Care now creates massaging prosthesis, which encourage lymph flow, and a wonderful new assortment of bras.

Deviant Jeans shares the same passion for helping women look good and feel better throughout the medical treatments. Kristin spoke briefly at the Fashioning Your Best Fit program about the Deviant Jeans initiative, and received a wonderful response from the group. They recognized how comfortable EMPOWERWRAPS would be during treatments and beyond, and sincerely appreciated the hidden message inside. Because of this, we have been considering ways we can offer EMPOWERWRAPS to deserving women at no cost to them. We have begun the ?Empower Another? program, which gives philanthropic individuals the opportunity to ?Empower Another? by purchasing an EMPOWERWRAP to be donated and distributed through the Young Survival Coalition & Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Interested in "Empowering Another"? Email fore more details.

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