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Posted by Kristin Dudley Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to We are the first fashion brand catering to the needs of women facing physical and emotional challenges. Behind the "screen" is a team focused on making a difference through the art of fashion. So, what makes us different? Read on to learn more...

Well, there are a number of ways. We are inspired by, and answering the requests of, those undergoing medical treatments that find their current wardrobe distracting, uncomfortable and unflattering as their bodies change. Women undergoing treatments are the visionaries - knowing what needs to be altered to be more comfortable. The challenge DeviantJeans has is to accomplish this while maintaining style.

To introduce our brand and initiate our mission, we are offering 3 designs, which could be worn by any woman. There are features however, that are congruent with the requests we have received: enlarged armholes, easy roll up sleeves, and no hardware closures. The EMPOWERWRAP is a very powerful, special garment. (I have to admit, since we have received them here at the DJ World Headquarters, I have been living in mine!!) Super cozy, easy to wear, long sleeved wraps with a very unique loose lay lining that can tie whenever you need a little hug. The EMPOWERWRAP is available in two styles: hoodie and shawl collar style. The best part however, is what is inside. Within every EMPOWERWRAP is a customized message created by YOU. It can be a photograph, art, or your own personal message of strength or mantra. Whether you need to heal your body, strengthen your mind,or uplift your spirit, your art is your own. Only YOU know it is there. Feeling the power yet???

Our third design is The Deviant Heart Camisole. Ultra soft, premium stretch French terry fabric, with a built in shelf bra and contoured neckline. The shapes of our straps relieve women of the indentations spaghetti and bra straps make. The unique contouring is catered to women undergoing breast cancer treatment who may have a port implanted in the upper chest for administering chemotherapy, allowing easy access to that area.

Welcome once again. Please join us as we embark on our journey of "healing through the seams". There is a lot of excitement ahead. We look forward to making YOU a part of it. Please become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We're "stitched together in support"...

PS - did we mention our charitable donations on every checkout? I'll save it for the next blog : )

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